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Mold Paint

Mold Paint#451 Mold Proof Latex Paint in all colors – Our # 451 product has been protecting billion dollar properties without any failures or complaints. Our 451 received the “Best of Show” at the international coatings convention in Toronto, Canada. It has also been praised by Coldwell Banker, ReMax, and many other Realtors, inspectors and insurance companies.
The class A fire protection qualifies for insurance discounts.

No other mold inhibitor coating has had on going documented history that compares to our # 451 product. Proven by certified testing laboratories to be the best coating to inhibit mold. Our # 451 fireproof coating withstood 3200 degrees F. No other mold or fire coating compares to our # 451.

Mold Proof Thermal Barrier

This coating can save you money in heating costs. Being mold proof, fire proof, and having a thermal barrier prevents heat loss.

Seals All 345

Mold Proof Foundation Coating. Proven in a 12 year study on water intrusions through poured concrete and block foundations. This coating will hold back up to 40 lbs. of pressure from water intrusions. Seals All Penetrates the pores of surfaces to create a monolithic surface impenetrable to water or gas.

Ventilation Systems designed for attics and crawl spaces

A balanced attic ventilation system removes the environment for mold growth. Temperature and humidistatically controlled for automatic operation.

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