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Experienced Mold Removal Specialists

Mold affected boxesEnsure your mold contamination is treated correctly by calling the professionals at A Hold on Mold. Mold in homes offices, commercial, buildings, schools, and other facilities is usually caused by poor maintenance or excessive moisture. This moisture along with an organic food source, can spread at an alarming rate, damaging your belongings, your home and your health.

After an area of your indoor environment has been contaminated, it’s important to take the right steps as soon as possible. For effective mold removal in Greentown, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas, you need to call a specialist immediately. If you turn to our professionals, they will get to your home or business quickly, take care of the problem and get you back in 24 hours after completion. If there is visible substance growth do not disturb the spores with fans and create an abundant air born contamination. It is always best to destroy them as they lay still.

Environments with moisture levels above 60% and adequate organic food sources enable mold not only to survive, but to spread. However, our mold destroyers work quickly and we take the appropriate steps to contain and eliminate the threat. After 24 hours, you can go back to your regular life without fear of the side effects of mold contamination.

Contact our mold removal experts at the first signs of contamination so the mold doesn’t spread to the entire structure. We not only provide solutions for a mold-free environment, but also give you the information you need after a project to ensure continued healthy indoor air quality. We offer free local inspections.

Trusted Mold Remediation Company

For more than a decade, our organization has strived to provide full-service mold abatement solutions to all of our customers.
Some companies that commend our products and services include the following:

    • Coldwell Banker
    • Remax Reality
    • Century 21
    • Newark Housing Authority

Contact us today to learn more about our mold removal solutions. We provide service to Pike County, Wayne County, Monroe County, Pennsylvania; Orange County, New York; and Sussex County New Jersey; and the surrounding areas.