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Determining Your Mold Remediation Cost

Basement Mold RemovalTurn to the professionals at A Hold on Mold LLC for fast and effective mold removal services so you don’t have to waste time or money on solutions that don’t work. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), when more than 15 square feet of mold is present in your home or business, only qualified specialists should remove the contamination.

We know there is no such thing as a bargain when it comes to successful remediation. In fact, by investing in the most appropriate treatment in the first place, you won’t incur a higher mold remediation cost. The highest mold removal cost happens when a project needs to be redone due to improper procedures done the first time. Our team has the knowledge and the experience for each step needed of the process so you don’t have to worry about this possibility.

Your mold cleanup cost depends on many factors. One such factor is the type of surface that needs to be decontaminated. Old growth or rough sawn materials require more work than a hard smoother surface. Impregnated growth requires much more mold destroyer to penetrate the core of the mold spore and kill the sub straights rendering it harmless.

Other expenses, such as pollution insurance has, tripled in the last few years due to the amount of insurance claims.
Personal protection equipment, mold education updates, new and approved products and expensive mold testing and decontamination equipment all adds more to the cost. The quicker the growth has been eliminated the less you will spend in the long run.

Why Our House Mold Remediation Cost is Worth It

Whether or not the mold in your home or business is toxic, the EPA declared that no interior molds are safe to live with. Bleach and store-bought mold removers are not only ineffective, but they can also be dangerous to your belongings and health. We not only take care of the mold problem, we are qualified to demo and rebuild the interiors as good, or better than before. Acting as the general contractor on a project our customers only need to deal with us and no other sub-contractors.

With years of experience, our professionals can evaluate your space and determine the best possible procedures for removing the contaminants. We also give you the information you need to better control your environment after the project is complete so the mold doesn’t return. That means with just one mold remediation cost, you can get a mold-free environment well into the future. Make the right choice and let our qualified professionals evaluate and destroy the mold growth that is harming your building’s interior.

We place a strong emphasis on safety, and complete all our projects according to our experience and also recommended remediation guidelines. Our specialists help give you the assurance that your air quality is safe, and provide the resources you need to inhibit additional mold growth.

Contact us today to learn more about mold remediation costs. We provide service to Pike County, Wayne County, Monroe County, Pennsylvania; Orange County, New York; and Sussex County New Jersey; and the surrounding areas.