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Facts About Black Mold and Other Varieties

Mold Facts3Call on A Hold on Mold whenever you see signs of contamination or you’re not sure.
Mold is commonly found in buildings that have a lot of interior moisture. It grows faster in hotter environments, but can also grow in cooler climates. As its growth continues, it can produce mycotoxins, which are potentially toxic byproducts. Do not live in a mold infested structure.

The amount of mycotoxins a particular mold can produce depends on a variety of factors related to the type of mold it is and the environment around it. There is no way to know the amount of these dangerous byproducts without proper testing. Accredited laboratory reports submitted.

Mold can affect people in different ways by creating or worsening certain medical conditions. Prolonged exposure to mold in walls, ceilings, and floors can produce skin inflammation, rashes, and respiratory problems. You can come into contact with mycotoxins through inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact, so contact the professionals at A Hold on Mold LLC to help you.

Airborne mold spores search for organic material to survive and get more dangerous. When abundant moisture is available with a food source, a mold farm is born. Breathing in dangerous mold spores can cause complications to all who breathe the air.

The best way to combat mold contamination is to get fresh air as soon as possible if you think you may have inhaled any spores. Then call a mold remediation specialist to eliminate the source of the issue. Our experts use advanced technology and effective techniques to completely sanitize your home or office.

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