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About Us

When customers turn to A Hold on Mold LLC, they not only receive the best in decontamination, they also receive an education about mold growth and what is needed to keep them safe. We know this advice helps customers understand and really makes the difference of whether mold stays away or not, especially after a project has been completed.

Jim Molner

A Hold on Mold owner, Jim Molner

We know the best way for homeowners to ensure a great mold remediation job is to hire a contractor with as many years of experience in both building and remediation projects. When you turn to our company, our professionals inspect your interior space and design a plan to remove the contamination, as well as set up an automatically controlled and drained moisture prevention system to control the interior of your residence making it mold proof.

We provide the most appropriate mold decontamination procedures and use eco-friendly products. We take pride in offering professional, clean, and thorough workmanship throughout every step of the remediation process.
Our company is located in Northeast Pennsylvania, but also serves New York and North New Jersey. PA License # 4752, NJ License # 13VH05121800

Contact us today to learn more about our company and mold remediation services. We provide service to Pike County, Wayne County, Monroe County in Pennsylvania. Orange County, New York; and Sussex County New Jersey; and the surrounding areas.